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Where Everybody Belongs (WEB)
What is WEB?

WEB is a transition program designed to help 6th Graders adjust to life as a middle schooler.  Selected 7th and 8th graders will participate in the WEB Leadership training to become WEB Leaders, and will then serve as mentors for 6th graders throughout the entire school year.

How Does WEB Work?
6th Grade Orientation/1st Day of School: With your WEB Leader partner, you will lead a small group of 8 - 10 6th graders in a variety of activities to help welcome them to Pleasant Grove.  On the first day of school, you will help the WEB Advisor welcome all Pleasant Grove students to the first day of school.  (For both days it will be mandatory that all members wear his/her WEB spirit shirt.)

During the School Year: Throughout the school year, you will serve as a mentor to 6th grade students in a number of ways. This may include leading activities, teaching classes, and in some cases, meeting one-to one with individual students.  As a WEB Leader you may also organize and participate in school wide activities.