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AVID Program 
AVID-Advancement VIA Individual Determination
Pleasant Grove offers AVID Schoolwide as well as AVID elective in all grades.  Please see the AVID tab for more information.  AVID is a program focusing on WICOR- Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, and Rigor/Reading.  
Pleasant Grove offers Spanish 1 and Spanish 2.  Students who successfuly complete two years of Spanish and pass the final exam are able to skip to Spanish 2 in high school and receive high school credit through the El Dorado County High School District.  
Leadership and Student Government 
Students in the leadership elective:
  • Organize all school dances
  • Create pep rallies for the entire student body
  • Arrange lunch time activities and music -Sponsor Red Ribbon Week activities
  • Organize an annual Student Talent Show
  • Honor our teachers with Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Attend Leadership conferences
  • Organize Spirit Days to increase school spirit
  • Community and School Service projects
  • Attend PTO, Site Council and School board meetings
  • Students who are voted in by the student body to represent in Student Goverment, also vote on the leadership budget and much more
Additional Activities:
  • Buddy Class at Green Valley-travel to Green Valley twice a month to visit and implement a fun activity with our first grade buddies
  • Public speaking-We create and deliver speeches each trimester to prepare to give speeches in front of  the whole school. We also learn that you should be confident, be able to walk around, and be able to feel comfortable when we’re in front of large crowds
  • Peer Tutoring-We also do peer tutoring within the school. This is a wonderful way to help out the kids at Pleasant Grove and improve our academics
  • Family Fun Night- We assist PTO by sponsoring booths at Family Fun Night as well as helping with set-up and clean-up
Sports & Physical Education Programs
We offer PE everyday allowing students to have a consisten focus on their physcial and mental health.  Additionally, sports are offered year round.  All our sports teams have earned numerous awards and championships.  
PE Programs:
  • Volleyball units
  • Cariovascular weekly focus 
  • Basketball units
  • Pickle Ball units
  • Football units
  • Weight training
  • Ultimate Frisbee Units
  • Soccer Units
  • Ping Pong Unit
  • Ultimate Basketball Frisbee Unit 
  • Track and Field Units 
  • Baseball Units 
  • Goal setting throughout year
  • & Much More 
Sports Programs:
  • Basketball Teams
  • Volleyball Teams
  • Wrestling Team
  • Cross Country Team
  • Track and Field Team
  • Flag Football Team 
Music Program
Pleasant Grove has an indepth music program offering a variety of instruments and opportunities.  All year long music programs are invited to compete at Six Flags.  Additionally, our Jazz Band competes in Disneyland.  All sections of our music program have earned countless awards and recognitions.  
  • World Drums 
  • Guitar
  • Beginning Band
  • Intermediate Band
  • Advanced Band
  • Jass Band 
Elective Wheel Program 
Students at Pleasant Grove can apply for yearlong  electives or the elective wheel.  The elective wheel offers a variety of opportunites and experiences for students.
Depending on the year, we offer:
  • Art
  • History of Film
  • Health Science 
  • Game Design
  • AVID
  • Computers
  • Newspaper
  • Study Hall Support
  • Spanish 
  • Health and weight training
  • World Drums