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Pleasant Grove PTO
The Pleasant Grove Middle School Parent Teacher Organization works to provide monies and/or support for programs, activities and items that are consequential and important to the education and/or welfare of the children at Pleasant Grove Middle School. Provide opportunities for the school and community to gather together so that the positive relationships between families, staff and community members become stronger and to assist with school activities.
This non-profit organization of volunteers, parents/guardians and faculty, strive to enrich the academic and extra-curricular aspects of Please Grove Middle School by (including, but not limited to):
  • Supporting academic goals such as: library, enrichment, and Puma Pride programs, PE equipment, technology and site improvements
  • Assisting with fun social events such as: carnivals, dances, student talent show, new student clubs, jog-a-thon, athletics
For more information about the PTO or how to get involved please contact: