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Placing A Library Book On Hold
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Students can choose a library book in person OR place a library book on hold through the Pleasant Grove Library Catalog.  The following is a step-by-step guide to show you how to place a library book on hold. 
From home - use the Pleasant Grove website
Click on the “Students” tab
  • then “Student Resources”
  • then “Follett Destiny”
 Under “Middle School” click “Pleasant Grove Middle School”
  • Upper right hand corner click “Log In”
Log in using user name and password.  Your name should appear in the upper right hand corner next to “Log Out.”
Using library search you can search by title, subject, keyword, author, or series.  Look each book over by clicking on the title.  Be sure and look to the far right to make sure there is at least “1 of 1 available.”  If the book you want says, “0 of 1 available” the book is not available for check out.
When you locate the library book you want, click on the title.  To the far right of the title you will see a button that says, “Hold It.”  Once you click this button you will get a prompt that says, “Hold request for (title).”  Please note you will only be able to place two books on hold at a time.  Make sure you chose books you want to read by looking at the book description as well as the book subjects under “Explore!”
Once you have placed a hold, no one else can check it out during the hold period (10 days).  Make sure you know the call number so you can locate your library book, when you stop by the library.  As of the third trimester, Mrs. Hadden is no longer pulling library holds.  The library is open before school, during break, lunch and after school.      

Personal Book List
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To help make book searches convenient and productive students will be able to make personal book lists through the Pleasant Grove Library Catalog.  When searching for library books you can select titles to read at a later date by placing them in your “My Personal List.”  The following is a step-by-step guide to show you how to place library books in a personal book list.
When using library search -
  • Find a library book you want to save and click on the title
  • Under the book description find the following prompt, “Selected List:  My Personal List.”  Next to this prompt is a button that says, “Add to this List.” 
  • Click the "Add to this List" and your selected book will be saved on your personal list as a possible read at a later date
  • When the time comes for you to choose another library book you can open your personal list and place one of your saved books on hold or you can do a library search for your next library book.
Having a “My Personal List” is just an easy way to save books you might want to read at a later date. 
 Library Open:
25 min. before start of school
during break
during lunch
after school until 3:00 p.m.
Wednesday only - library closes at 2:00 p.m.
Subject to change without notice.

Upcoming Library Events
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Subject to change - will post closures as soon as possible.
Library open before school, during break, lunch and after school.
Month of October
  • October 16th -- library closed all day
  • October 21st -- library closed from 11:15 - 1:15

Overdue Library Books and Fines
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Library books are checked out for (3)weeks.  A fine of $0.10 per school day/per book will start after a grace period of (5) days.  To avoid paying a fine, please return or renew your library book by the due date.

Overdue notices are distributed to the English teachers at least once a week and overdue notices are emailed to students twice a week and to parents once a week.

REMEMBER:  Students with overdue library books or library fines will not be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities which include athletic events, dances, field trips and assemblies.  (Student/Parent Handbook 2021-2022)