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Mystery Poster
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Congratulations Pumas!  The mystery poster is finally finished.  Stop by the library and check out all your hard work over the last two school year.  This poster represents 7,040 books read.  Great job everyone!
Keep reading everyone!  Mystery poster number two is starting to take on some color :)

Mrs. Hadden Challenges You!
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Mrs. Hadden is once again challenging you to meet or beat her in one of the following categories:  words, points or books read.  This challenge will continue throughout the school year.  As of February 5th, Mrs. Hadden has read 968,433 words, earned 194 points, and has read 7 books,   
Keep reading everyone!

Trimester Library Challenge
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The 2nd trimester Pleasant Grove Puma challenge is to read 666,667 words by the end of the day on February 26th.  Keep reading everyone!
 The follow students have reached the 2nd trimester challenge.  Great job everyone!

Grade 6

Bradyn D.
Cassandra W.
Chloe R.
Trenton R.
As of 2/05/2021

Grade 7

Bailey B.
As of 2/05/2021

Grade 8

Andrew G.
Liliana V.
Mia L.
As of 2/05/2021