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Vera Rue Morris, Principal 
There truly is nothing more rewarding than working with students and families in the community I call home and the district my own children attend.  I first started working in school administration in 2013 after teaching middle school for eight years and teaching preschool-Kindergarten for four years.  My career has mainly been split between traditional middle school sites and Kindergarten-Eighth grade sites.  In addition to my passion for education, I love to read, to be active outdoors, and to be a mother of two busy boys. 
Go Pumas!
Vera Rue Morris, MAE Educational Leadership
Principal, Pleasant Grove
Dustin Bailey, Vice Principal
Dear Pleasant Grove Families, 
My name is Dustin Bailey, the vice principal at Pleasant Grove.  Before moving into this postion, I spent the 6 years as Director of Education at a non-profit working with at-risk and high needs kids across the state. 
I am fortunate to be able to serve the community my family calls home.  I have brilliant wife and three wonderful children. Like many in our community, we have a deep love for kayaking and the Sacramento Kings! Each year, I look forward to being able to play basketball at lunch with kids and look forward to having positive interactions with the student body and community. 
As a Rescue Union parent, I have always valued and admired the compassion, care, and determination of their teachers and leadership to uphold a standard of excellence. Having the privilege of being entrusted to serve children in a supportive community has been my life mission.  Alongside Principal Morris and the tremendous staff at Pleasant Grove, I’m ready to continue the work on maintaining high academic standards and character building for our growing citizens. Go Pumas! 
Vice Principal Mr. Bailey