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Please note, the document listed below is the initial reopening plan for Pleasant Grove Middle School.  This document was created by Rescue Teacher and Staff Committees and reviewed and adjusted by a Pleasant Grove Parent Committee.  This is the initial plan and may need adjusting as the school year progresses. The plan is based on the hybrid instructional model for students.   

PG Updates & Important Reminders to Opening Plans
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Please follow the following link for information on proper face covering/ mask washing. 

Wearing and washing masks

Guidelines on Wearing Facecoverings/ Masks:

In order to comply with this guidance, schools must exclude students from campus if they are not exempt from wearing a face covering under CDPH guidelines and refuse to wear one provided by the school. Schools should develop protocols to provide a face covering to students who inadvertently fail to bring a face covering to school to prevent unnecessary exclusions. Schools should offer alternative educational opportunities for students who are excluded from campus.

Consistent with guidance for gyms and fitness facilities, cloth face coverings must be worn during indoor physical conditioning and training or physical education classes (except when showering). Activities that require heavy exertion should be conducted outside in a physically distanced manner without face coverings. Activities conducted inside should be those that do not require heavy exertion and can be done with a face covering.

General Guidelines to Continuously Review with Students 

  • An appropriate face covering/ mask needs to be worn at all times (including breaks and passing periods) unless a student is eating or participating in strenuous outdoor activities in PE.
  • If students experience any difficulty breathing, they need to immediately communicate this with an adult.
  • Follow traveling arrows on campus and look for the socially distancing markers outside of classrooms, restrooms, and in the front of school for lining up: either a box marking or red dots.  Follow directions on proper doors to use for entering and exiting. 

Pre Screening by Parents
If your student exhibits any of the following symptoms, please keep them at home. Please refer to the California Department of Public Health's guidelines for what to do if your child is displaying symptoms.  

Arrival Guidelines to Continuously Review with Students 
  • Students may not arrive prior to 7:40 AM unless coming for breakfast.  Breakfast is served from 7:30 to 7:50.
  • Students need to report to their designated grade level zone and maintain social distance.  Students should refrain from any physical contact with each other: hugs, high fives, etc… 
  • Parents are not permitted to walk their students onto campus or to come on campus.
  • Students will be trained on proper handwashing techniques, and they are expected to wash their hands frequently.
  • Handwashing stations and sanitizing stations are available upon arrival to school.  Students are expected to use them upon arrival and/or upon entering and exiting the classrooms.  Available areas for hand washing include bathrooms, portable hand washing stations, and sinks in classrooms. Additionally, sanitizer is available in all classrooms.

The Big Five
  • Wear your mask.
  • Stay physically distant
  • Check your body
  • Wash/sanitize your hands
  • Travel in the prescribed manner on campus