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    Pleasant Grove Middle School
    Mrs. Franks 6th Grade

    Dear Parents/Guardians & Students,
    Welcome to 6th grade!  We hope to have a wonderful school year.  This syllabus should be read and signed by both parent/guardian and student and returned to school where it will be kept in the student binder for access at all times.
    Lunch Tutorials: Tuesdays and Thursdays
    Student Expectations:
    • Come to class prepared and on time.
    • Ask for help when you need it.
    • Keep track of your own books and assignments.
    • Start your work on time and allow enough time to finish.
    • Do your own work and turn your work in on time.
    • Accept responsibility for grades and consequences.
    • Do your best!

    Consequences: Students will receive logical consequences for their behavior. Consequences will include a quiet warning, a quick reset outside of classroom and if necessary, lunch detention to discuss the incident,  loss of merits with a call or email home, or in extreme cases being sent to the office to fill our “Choice,Think Sheet” with an administrator. 

    Avid Binder: (Advancement Via Individual Determination): Schoolwide binder requirement will be used to help promote academic self management and as an organizational tool throughout the school day. This binder is to come to school everyday with all supplies. Binder checks will be done each Friday to make sure all students are staying organized and prepared to do their best work each day.  If students are having trouble with staying organized they will be assigned to binder reflection the following week on Tuesday so they can receive some help and guidance to get back on track. 

    Supply List: (These items should always be in student’s Avid binder and supply pouch.)
    •  2 pencils                                 Please also have:
    • eraser                                               * 4 notebooks (2 for science & 2 for Math)
    • 3 pens (blue, red, black                * colored pencils
    • highlighter                                      * dry erase marker
    • glue stick                                         * old clean sock/felt for mini white boards 
    • scissors

    Planner:  Students are required to copy, verbatim, their daily classwork/ homework into their planners. These will be kept in the front of the Avid binder. 

    Absences:  Students are responsible for obtaining work missed during absences as well as turning in work that was completed during the day(s) they were out. Assignments are recorded in a classroom planner and handouts can be obtained from the Absent Work Bins. Students will have the same number of days as absent to turn in work without it being considered late.

    Late Assignments:  As the amount of homework increases throughout the year, students will be responsible for turning in assignments on time.  If assignments are late, not completed by the beginning of class the day it is due, is considered late. It will be accepted only on the following day for 50% credit.

    Grade Checks:  Secure grade checks can be accessed by parents on There is a computer located in the office for parents to use for this purpose, if needed. The goal is to update assignments in daily and grades weekly.

    Math Curriculum:
    Textbook: Course 1 (Big Ideas Math)     Consumable:Record and Practice Journal (RAP) workbook

    Areas to be covered: Ratios and proportional relationships, The number system including fractions & decimals, Expressions & equations, Data sets and graphing, Geometry, and Statistics & probability. 

    IXL online math program:  Students will be practicing 6th grade concepts as they are introduced during the school year using an interactive online math program.  IXL is a program that allows students to have an individualized learning experience to work at their own pace to master the material covered. This program also allows students to go back and practice past skills that still need to be mastered.  Students will be provided a log-in and this program can be accessed at home for more practice. This will be done in the classroom using Chromebooks 2-3 times a week. 

    Math Assignments:
    Math will be taught daily using the textbook, workbook or review skills pages.  Students will be assigned 8-20 practice problems as homework. Math classwork/homework from the textbook must be completed in pencil in their interactive notebooks, and should follow the format provided in-class.  Points given for homework assignments vary. At times points will be given on the exact number done correctly and at times full points will be given when showing work and all steps to complete the problems were required. Student resources and online tutorials can be accessed at or at the Pleasant Grove website under student resources. Their notebook (IMN) will be a great study tool for quizzes and tests. 

    Test Corrections: Students who score low on a mid chapter quiz or end of chapter test may complete test corrections.  Students can improve their test grade by a ½ point per problem by completing the test corrections with accuracy and showing all steps. These will be started/done at school during tutorials or can be brought home and finished under the guidance of a parent/guardian and signed. 

    Grading Scale:
    90 – 100 % A                                   Math Grades are weighted as follows: 
    80 – 89 % B                                                         Classwork-IXL/Homework   40 %
    70 – 79 % C                                                         Quizzes/Tests     60 %
    60 – 69 % D
    Below 60 % F

    Science Curriculum:
    Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)- Science themes covered for the grade 6th include: Earth’s Place in the Universe, Earth’s Systems, and Earth and Human Interactions. Students explore their world by participating in a variety of activities that require them to utilize science process skills such as experimenting, communicating, and manipulating science equipment and materials.  Amplify Science is our online science program students will be using during and after class. This program supports activities that are hands on and also provides quality computer simulations that help students understand the concepts being explored.

    Science Assignments:
    Students will be working on interactive notebooks, hands-on activities, Cornell notetaking and group work. Participation and notebook checks will be a large part of their grade. Classwork may also consist of review pages, projects, and reports.  All cornell notes, activities, and labs will be completed in your Interactive Science Notebook (ISN). This notebook is designed to improve organization skills, improve critical thinking skills, and to express understanding of science concepts creatively. It is a great resource to study for quizzes and tests. Students will receive a grade for having their notebook up to date.  

    Homework will be minimal, mostly finishing up work or studying for quizzes.  Quizzes will be given for each unit to assess their knowledge of the concepts. At times these assessments will be done digitally through the Amplify Science program and at times as a pencil to paper test.  

    *Please sign and return syllabus, (this will be kept in AVID binder all year)

    Printed Name of Student: __________________________________________
    I have read and understand the sixth grade Math and Science syllabus.

    Student Signature: ____________________________________________________

    Parent Signature: _____________________________________________________