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7th grade Language Arts

Mrs. Maurer



Literature-We will read a variety of literature from the textbook as well as Beowulf, A Christmas Carol, The Giver, and The Outsiders together in class.  

Reading Counts-Time spent reading directly correlates with becoming a stronger reader, more successful student and lifelong learner.  The middle grade California Reading Standard recommends reading one million words per year.  In order to work towards this goal, students are required to read three additional books each trimester and take reading comprehension quizzes on each book.  All Reading Counts tests will be taken in class.  You may take a test up to three times, but the due dates listed below are the last date that an an attempt may be made.


Writing- There will be a strong emphasis on writing this year.  We will focus on four particular essay styles: summary, narrative, informational and argument..  

Grammar- We will focus daily on grammar with warm-ups.  Grammar will be emphasized through writing as well as a variety of other methods. Emphasis will be placed on parts of speech, usage and punctuation.

Spelling and Vocabulary- We will utilize the Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop program with an increased focus on vocabulary this year.  A heavy emphasis on spelling will be placed through writing.


A variety of homework will be assigned including reading and activities from the textbook, writing assignments, vocabulary, projects and studying for quizzes.  Homework is expected to take approximately 20-30 minutes per night.  All homework will be written on the board each day and should be copied down verbatim in the agenda.  I typically do not assign homework over the weekend.

Computer Use

A number of assignments will be required to be typed this year.  If you do not have a computer or printer at home, we have them available before and after school, at break and at lunch.  Please communicate with me early if you need extra assistance with a computer.

Late Assignments

*Late assignments will only receive ½ credit.

*Students will be given one day for each day’s excused absence to complete missed work

*It is the student's responsibility to find out what they missed after an absence and obtain any missed handouts or make arrangements for tests they may have missed.

*Not completing homework is the biggest factor for low grades in English.  

Supply List


divider tabs

red pens for correcting

blue or black pens

sharpened pencils


college ruled binder paper

mini stapler