8th Grade Syllabus

8th Grade

United States History

Mrs. Haver

Welcome to 8th grade history  

On this paper you will find a brief course outline, class standards and expectations.  While this class will follow the guidelines set forth by the State Board of Education, the method of instruction will seek to create and sustain a high level of interest in the study of history.  In order to accomplish this, the class will include a wide range of projects, activities and other assignments.  The students will work independently as well as with groups.  There will always be a good “mix” of activities planned to hopefully ensure continued enthusiasm for learning.


The California State Board of Education issues standards which dictate that eighth grade U.S. History be taught with an emphasis on areas such as: the development of America's democratic institutions and the Constitution, the development of American politics, society, culture and economy and how these varied regionally.  Students will also learn about the problems facing the new nation, with an additional emphasis on the causes, course and consequences of the Civil War.  We will also cover Industrialization and its connections to social and economic conditions at the turn of the 20th century.  A copy of the California State Standards for 8th grade U.S. History can be found on the textbook.

Late assignments will only receive ½ credit  Students will be given one day for each day’s absence to complete missed work.  It is the student’s responsibility to find out what they have missed after an absence and obtain any missed handouts.  Not completing work is the biggest factor for low grades.

Agenda:  Daily classroom activities and homework assignments will be posted on the board each day.  The students are expected to write this information in their planners.

Classroom work and homework:  For the most part this is a classroom focused course.  Nearly all graded assignments will be completed in the classroom.  For this reason students will need to be fully on task while in the classroom and being in class every day is important.  Excessive absences may result in a lower grade.  Please miss school only when it is absolutely necessary.

Grading policy:  Grades will be determined on the basis of daily work, projects, homework and test scores.

90-100 A

80-89 B

70-79 C

60-69 D

59-below F

Getting help:  Tutorials will be held during lunch one day a week and/or by appointment.  Feel free to contact me via email should you have any questions or concerns khaver@my.rescueusd.org.

Materials should be brought to school every day in binder.

Single subject spiral notebook (s) 11x9 in size

Sharpened pencils


Red, blue and black pens

Colored pencils

Large glue stick(s)

Class Policies

Be involved:

  • Listen to teacher and classmates

  • Answer & ask questions

  • Do quality work

Be respectful:

  • Sit quietly & pay attention

  • Speak politely to teachers & students

  • Keep hands & feet to yourself

  • Take care of school property

  • Allow other their opinions & beliefs

Be prompt:

  • In seat when bell rings

  • Turn in work on time

  • Ready to learn

Be prepared:

  • Bring materials to class EVERY day

  • Complete class assignments

Ways to contact:



(530)672-4400 ext 4032

Looking forward to a great year!

I have read and understand the above information.


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