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7th Grade History

Mrs. Haver/Mrs. Inokuchi


Welcome to seventh grade history. As a teacher I believe that every student can learn and enjoy the experience.  Seventh grade history is an interactive class designed for students functioning at grade level.  Students will work in groups and independently, using respect and being responsible.


Students are expected to bring necessary materials to class every day  in their AVID binder

  • lined paper

  • colored and leaded pencils

  • pencil sharpener (enclosed for shavings)

  • blue or black and red pens

  • a section dedicated to History in their binder

  • large glue stick(s)


Seventh grade history consists of the following units of study.  We plan to spend approximately one month on each unit.

World Geography and Culture

Early Middle Ages

Rome/ Byzantine

Late Middle Ages

Middle East




Scientific Revolution


Age of Exploration


Latin America

Grades:Students will hand in a notebook covering each unit containing all related assignments.  This means students will be required to keep their work organized and neat until the Unit Notebook is due.  Seventh grade is an exercise in organization, and we will work together for success.

Progress reports and final grades are based on the following scale:

100-90%=A 89-80%=B    79-70%=C   69-60%=D   Below 60%=F

Grades are based on a point system.  Unit notebooks will be worth a substantial amount of points and will be handed in upon completion of a unit.  Some units require differentiated projects and the reading of historical novels.  Assignments are listed on the wall to help students with organization.  Agendas are listed on the board daily and can be written in daily planners to also help with organization.

Late work:

All work needs to be turned in on the due date.  If a student is absent on the due date, the work must be handed in on the day they return.  If there have been several absences, work must be handed in after attending lunch tutorials.

Lunch tutorials:

Tutorials will be available one day a week for students who have been absent.  Supplies will be made available on those days.  When a student is absent, they are required to attend a tutorial to complete missed work.


The seventh grade Social Studies text is Prentice Hall’s MEDIEVAL AND EARLY MODERN TIMES.  A text is available for each student at school and they will have one to take home.


We all have busy lives!  Homework will be kept to a minimum.  If a student uses her/his time wisely in class, they will seldom have homework unless the unit requires the reading of a novel, completion of a project or students need additional time for class assignments.

Classroom rules:

  1. No gum, eating or drinking in class

  2. Follow all teacher directions

  3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

  4. Cell phones seen or heard will be confiscated

Ways to contact:

(530)672-4400 ext.4032

Looking forward to a great year!

I have read and understand the above information regarding Seventh Grade History.

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