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Just For Parents
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Raising a teen can be a challenge. On this site is a list of resources meant to help a parent of a teen navigate this developmentally challenging time. There are many more resources you can find on the Crisis Resources tab and Community resources tab at the top of the page. 

Need something? 
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  • Local experts who make finding help easier. Teams are compassionate, highly trained, and available 24/7 to help you access the best local resources and services to address any need.
MJ's Project

Website for Parents of Distance learners
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Understanding the Teen Brain 
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Teens and Phone Use
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Teens and Substance use
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Talking about COVID-19 with kids
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10 tips for talking about COVID-19

Understanding Mental Health and your Student
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Help your student to develop resiliency 
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Practical Strategies for Families to Cope with Changes Resulting from Coronavirus

Tips for School Refusal 
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Supporting your own mental health 
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Online Support Communities
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  • 7 cups - FREE online text chat with a trained listener for emotional support and counseling. It also offers fee-for-service online therapy with a licensed mental health professional. The service/website also offered in Spanish.
  • NAMI - hosts online communities where people exchange support and encouragement. These Discussion Groups can easily be joined by visiting their website.
  • Psych Central - Offers online mental health resources, quizzes, news, an “Ask the Therapist” function, and online support communities.
  • The Tribe Wellness Community - Free, online peer support groups offering members facing mental health challenges and/or difficult family dynamics a safe place to connect. Support groups include Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, HIV/AIDS, LGBT, Marriage/Family, OCD and Teens.

Great Videos about the importance of Vulnerability and Courage
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Parenting Styles
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Parenting Styles

Parenting books 
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Create an academic plan for your student (example below)
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Our Academic Plan for Success

Homework will be done at  ______pm on  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 
                                                                                                  (circle days)
Homework will be done in the  ________________ room  

Students Planner will be reviewed every night at ________pm            

The student will check Jupitergrades on  ___________________________
Student Jupitergrades Log In:_______________________
Student Jupiter Grades Password : ________________________

The Parent(s) will check Jupitergrades on every___________________________
Parent Jupitergrades Log In:_______________________
Parent Jupiter Grades Password : ________________________

Lunch Tutorial Schedule for the teacher are 
Tuesday: _____________________________
Thursday: ____________________________
Friday: _______________________________

I ________________ agree to not use a phone during homework time ____ (Student initials)
    (Students Name)

Possible Distracting to doing Homework    Possible Solutions to those distractions
________________________________ ________________________________
________________________________ ________________________________
________________________________ ________________________________
________________________________ ________________________________
________________________________ ________________________________

The library is open before school from 7:25 am- 7:45 am and  after school from 2:05 pm- 3:00 pm 

If I complete all my work  and do 30 minutes of reading I will earn ___________________________________

Parent Signature ___________________________________________ Date: ____________________
Student Signature __________________________________________ Date: ____________________