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Setting Up Your Puma for Academic Success

  • Create a regular homework routine at home
    • Pick the same time each day to work on homework
    • Use the same space and remove distractions
      • Consider removing TV, Tablets, Phones etc.
      • Make sure it is quiet and not filled with distractions like younger siblings, animals, etc. 
      • Have an adult nearby to answer questions as needed and check-in on progress

  • Students and Parents Monitor Jupitergrades 
    • Check Jupiter grades regularly 
      • Either Daily or Bi-weekly to see what is coming up on the calendar 
      • Check-in with the student to confirm missing assignments and if needed create a plan to turn in missing work
    • Look over the students’ planner every night 
      • Help your student to prioritize what they will complete and in what order
      • Cross off completed items in the planner as they are done

  • Limit, Remove or Use Screen Time as Leverage
    • Remove Phones from the study area (Calculators can be used instead of phone)
    • Studies show excessive screen time can lead to poor mental health and a decrease in grades. 
    • Consider have a Screen-Free night and play a family game or read stories

  • Promote Attending Lunch Tutorials
    • Teachers have the first 15-20 minutes of the student’s lunches for tutorials where the students can get extra help 
      • Students lunches are 50 minutes so they still have 30 minutes to eat and play with friends
    • Promote students doing test corrections (if applicable) if they struggled on a test
    • Advise students to attend lunchtime tutorials when they are struggling on a particular assignment
    • Always attend lunch tutorials after absences
      • 1 day of absence = 5 tutorials (a week straight of attending) to get caught up.
  • What does your student like to do? Use this as an incentive for them to earn if they complete homework. 
    • Be careful with the use of punishment or taking away privileges for poor grades, this technique works with some students but others do not respond well.  

                                              Our Academic Plan for Success
Homework will be done at  ______pm on  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 
(circle days)
Homework will be done in the  ________________ room  
Students Planner will be reviewed every night at ________pm            
The student will check Jupitergrades on  ___________________________
Student Jupitergrades Log In:_______________________
Student Jupiter Grades Password : ________________________
The Parent(s) will check Jupitergrades on every___________________________
Parent Jupitergrades Log In:_______________________
Parent Jupiter Grades Password : ________________________

Lunch Tutorial Schedule for the teacher are 
Tuesday: _____________________________
Thursday: ____________________________
Friday: _______________________________
I ________________ agree to not use a phone during homework time ____ (Student initials)
    (Students Name)
Possible Distracting to doing Homework    Possible Solutions to those distractions
________________________________ ________________________________
________________________________ ________________________________
________________________________ ________________________________
________________________________ ________________________________
________________________________ ________________________________
The library is open before school from 7:25 am- 7:45 am and  after school from 2:05 pm- 3:00 pm 
If I complete all my work  and do 30 minutes of reading I will earn ___________________________________
Parent Signature ___________________________________________ Date: ____________________
Student Signature __________________________________________ Date: ____________________